Monday, April 23, 2012

Employee education

Hello everyone, in my new article I want to talk about education. You have to learn the new things in every domain. In some you needn't learn so much because changes are slower but my field is information technology and here is every day something new. You have to be more careful, what you learn. There is so much information, that you have to chose only the most important for you. In this article I don't want to talk about education in general. I want to describe how I imagine the ideal way how can your employer support you in learning.

The best way is for your employer, when you learn from your work. If you start with new job or new project, you have to learn these new things. So you just do your job and learn in one moment. But after a while you know everything you need for your job and you will need something new. You can change your job, but this is last resort. If you are in the good company you can have fresh projects and new challenges and you have every time something to learn. But still the company can support you in your education.

From my point of view is the best way how can your employer support you, when you get free time and free hand. The time is the most important. The people usually dont have enough energy for education after 40 hours in their jobs. So it helps a lot, when you get from your work time a few hours to your learning. I think good compromise is around 5 or 10%. Other thing is what I should learn. The company shouldn't determine learning topics because you knowledge base become wider and wider which ultimately will help the company.

Some managers can think that give some time to their employees is bad idea, because they have less time to do their job. This is misleading. The employee have less time but he works more effectively. He have better knowledge and can use modern approaches. And he is happier too, because he see that the company give him opportunity to learn.

What do you think? Do you appreciate this way of education?

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  1. In some companies there is common to order regular publications which are related to activities in branch of the company or only of the department. For more, they can provide some important and usable web sites which are mainly paid. If the employer joins accessible information channels with some scope for self development, it would be good idea :-)